DAO Metrology Controller

The DAO Metrology Controller is an integrated stand-alone
controller that can adapt to any existing metrology stage system
currently on the market.  This is a compact self-contain unit
equipped with a 15-inch touch-screen interface (gloves are no
problem).  Therefore, mouse and keyboard devices are not
necessary (mouse device is optional).  

The high-end 30fps video frame grabber embedded inside our
controller is beyond the future of video metrology.  It is capable of
yielding up to 1024x1024 resolution medical grade images and
many other features not found in standard video frame grabbers.  
It is currently used in many projects at NASA and US Air Force.

In addition, our controller does not need external video monitor,
computer monitor, motion controller, and power supply.  All are
integrated into one compact unit to eliminate complicated wiring.  
It only requires standard 120-240VAC from the wall outlet.

There will be a few quick-release cables connecting our controller
to your stage motors, encoders, and travel limits.  Our controller
has all of the necessary connectors in the back to completely
control your existing metrology stage and its peripheral devices.  
Peripheral devices includes up to three light sources, laser auto-
focus, motorized objective lens turret, and stage joystick.

Included with the DAO Metrology Controller is an analog joystick.  
Similar like our DAO Joystick Controller, it is ergonomically
designed for both left-handed and right-handed operators.  This
joystick is an addition to the software joystick available fulltime on
the touch-screen.

Measurements are performed by our state-of-the-art CMM
software, Proximus™ 100.  The application launches
automatically upon power up.  The 32-bit application software
operates at 1024x768 resolution on a 15-inch LCD panel with vivid
24-bit color.  The live video window is a 16-bit color at 640x480
resolution with graphic overlays for visual aid to construct
measurement programs.  The user interface is uniquely designed
for quick writing of sophisticate measurement programs.

Proximus™ 100 is a self-guide and self-taught application.  It is
capable of eliminating virtually all user errors.  Proximus™ 100 is
comparable to, if not surpass, some of the most sophisticate
CMM software currently on the market.  Unlike many metrology
application software that operate on Windows® Desktop which
requires proper shutdown, the DAO Metrology Controller can be
powered down at anytime without concern of file corruption.

Key Features:
  • Single Compact desktop unit with touch-screen interface.  
    15-inch resistive touch-screen.
  • 16-bit color 640x480 resolution live video window on 24-bit
    color 1024x768 resolution screen.  Area outside of video
    window is for human interface elements.
  • High-end 30fps video frame grabber for up to two video
    inputs.  Measurements are possible from both video
    inputs simultaneously.
  • Built in motion controller and motor amplifiers for up to 3
    axes stage system.  Compatible with micro-stepper or
    servo motors.
  • Control external peripherals such as laser auto-focus,
    motorized objective lens turret, and up to 3 light sources.
  • Ergonomic joystick unit designed for left and right-handed
  • Direct Advanced Operations proprietary Proximus 100
    metrology application software.
  • Proximus 100 has ability to predict the operator’s next
    move, which in turn will guide the operator to fast, efficient,
    and error free part program construction.
  • Program loops and macros capability, Dimensioning and
    Tolerancing per ANSI 14.5, Statistic and SPC, and much
  • Fulltime software joystick on touch-screen.
  • Data collection via six edge detection tools and video focus
  • 14 types of measurement tools.
  • Store snapshot image of live video for documentation.
  • Measurement results are in CSV format for Microsoft®
    Excel compatibility.
  • Files export/import via Ethernet.

Please contact:
818-349-7888 Office/Fax
Hardware Specifications
2 or 3
Dedicated Joystick
X (Left-Right), Y (Up-Down), Z
(CW-CWW Rotating Knob)
Joystick Travel speed
Selectable speed (Low, Medium, and
AMD Athelon, 3.0 GHz or better, 1Mbyte
Media Storage
► 80Gbyte IDE or serial hard drive
► 3.5” Floppy drive (available on certain
type of system)
Built-in Motion Control
2 or 3 axes for stepper motors.  (Servo
motors are available at special order.)
Motion Capabilities
Multi-axis coordinated motion -
interpolation, contouring, spline,
master/slave, gearing.
Built-in Micro Stepper Motor
Full step mode.  Up to 3 bipolar
two-phase or five-phase stepper motors.
Output Motor Power
Unregulated 24 to 75VDC at 5Amps
RMS, 7Amps Peak.
(DAO uses 75VDC unregulated power
supply as standard)
Processing Speed
► 10MHz per encoder scale
► 5MHz outputs pulse for
microstepping control
Scale Encoder Inputs
Differential (A+, A-, B+, B-, Z+, Z-)
Single ended (A, B, Z) is available but
not recommended
Travel Limit Inputs
2 per axis, optical or hall-effect type.
Home Bit Inputs
Index pulse on encoder
Optional I/Os
► Up to 3 light sources can be
controlled by Proximus™ 100
► Motorized objective lens turret
► Laser auto-focus (optional)
► 1 Parallel port for printer
► 2 USB ports for flash media
► 1 Ethernet port to company network
► 1 Serial mouse port (optional mouse)
Built-in Display/Touch-screen
► 15-inch 24-bit color TFT LCD at
1024x768 resolution
► 2 backlight lamps producing contrast
ratio 600:1
► 5-wire resistive touch-screen
Built-in Video/Frame Grabber
► 2 NTSC/PAL video inputs
► 30fps live image
► 16-bit color at 640x480 resolution
► 1 video output for optional video
Adjustable viewing angle industrial
metal case
Power Requirements
120-220 VAC 50/60Hz
Physical Dimension
14.5” x 14” x 12”
Temperature Control
Self cooling via multiple brushless fans
Usage Environment
► Compatible with all levels of clean
► Temperature:  32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
► Humidity:  0 to 85%
► No corrosive gases, dust, water or oil
Standard Accessories:
  • User's Operational manual (on CD).  No paper manual for
    preserving nature.
  • Motors connectors (adaptors).
  • Encoders/Homes/Limits connectors (adaptors).
  • Free product training at Direct Advanced Operations facility
  • 24/7 phone technical support.
  • 1 Year limited warranty.

Optional Accessories:
  • Programmable light source
  • Motorized objective lens turret
  • Laser auto-focus
  • Stepper and Servo motors
  • Scale Encoder
  • Limit switches (optical or hall-effect)
  • Optics
  • Field integration/installation/training
Direct Advanced Operations
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