Current Products

The followings are Direct Advanced Operations standard products:

DAO Joystick Controller

DAO Metrology Controller

Custom Products

Direct Advanced Operations has planned to introduce other new line of
metrology system, atomic force microscope, and motion controller.  
Please check back with us in the near future for more information and
product availability status.

In addition to our standard metrology system, Direct Advanced Operations
also designs and builds custom metrology system from the ground up per
customers specifications.  We are highly specializing in building custom
stages, custom metrology and inspection software.

To learn more about our new product status or schedule a meeting with
us for a custom metrology or inspection system, please contact us at We will be glad to meet with you for

Please contact:
818-349-7888 Office/Fax
Direct Advanced Operations
Metrology Instruments Sales &
The DAO Joystick Controller is a
high precision, integrated joystick,
motion controller, drivers, and
power supplies all in one
compact desktop unit.
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The DAO Metrology Controller is
an integrated stand-alone
controller that can adapt to any
existing metrology stage system
currently on the market.
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